Decorative powder coating is the 21st century solution to imparting beauty and strength to a variety of materials that adorn your home, office, or business. The Decoral system enjoys their premier reputation in the industry by the use of their sublimation machine. This revolutionary process allows a quality and intricate design to be imparted via wood grain machine onto plastic, iron, glass, ceramic, and even aluminum coatings. The end result from this sublimation machine is attractive to the eye and protects surface integrity at the same time.

The wood grain machine can accurately impart finishes that resemble marble, decorative wood grain, and a variety of different stone textures. Contours are easily conquerable as the Decoral system can be used on fixture surfaces, doors, blinds, windows, and almost anywhere else that you desire to have that your distinctive flair present. This flexibility in design enables any environment to be fashioned in the motif that you see fit. The design and engineering industry have already come to realize that the wood grain machine makes the Decoral system the most cost effective and streamlined process to translate your vision into reality. The options are endless once you start to peruse the vast options that the sublimation machine from Decoral system offers your home, office, or business. The possibilities are limitless when the Decoral system is availed for your designing purposes. Browse through the wide variety of turnkey plants offered exclusively by Decoral Systems today.