VIV 251


The model VIV 251 is comprised of a platform on a movable trolley that is placed in front of an oven. These powder coating machines are composed of two hinged parts, that hold membranes which manually close right after the wrapped profiles are placed on the lower membrane. Once the powder coating machine's top lid is closed, a pump works to create a vacuum in between both membranes. The process employed by powder coating machines creates the perfect adherence of the transfer film on the surface, through concerted pressure of the upper membrane. This wood grain powder coating machine employs a very simple loading operation, due to the unique shape of its platform. This also makes it possible to have the work occur at room temperature. After the vacuum operation has completed, the frame is pushed manually into the oven, where it remains for approximately ten minutes and gets removed when the decoration transfer is completed to a coating layer of coating layer of 2.5 to 3 mils. The condition of the sublimation process gets controlled by a temperature probe. Moreover, a suction device has been added to the powder coating system. This is placed within the membrane frame. This facilitates decoration on all of the profile's surfaces. Naturally, this amounts to excellent quality while substantially reducing production cost. The process of using these sublimation plants is technologically advanced and simple and relatively quick to effect. These wood grain powder coating machines can decorate parts with a max dimension of 8 x 4 ft.