Use Beautiful PVC Wood Grain Surfaces And Custom Sublimation to Your Advantage!


An Overview of an Exciting Industry


Today an increasing number of architects, designers, builders and manufacturers around the world prosper by enhancing their inventories using Decoral's patented technologies. The company has developed machines to apply decorative wood grain, marble and stone powder finishes to a variety of surfaces, including wood, pvc, glass, ceramic and aluminum. This process can enliven the exterior of a structure, or add warmth and interest to many features of interior rooms and built-in fixtures. In an era when an increasing number of clients seek customization, Decoral's unique powder coating technology allows retailer's to fulfill requests for individual features within a standardized product line very rapidly and conveniently.

Customized Benefits for Builders


Using Decoral's new technology, builders can now upgrade doors and windows in order to apply beautiful pvc wood grain finishes using custom sublimation processes. This practice offers unprecedented control over the colors and texture of the exterior surfaces. Even standardized housing models obtain a much higher degree of customization in this way.

Additionally, pvc wood grain surfaces can enhance blinds, fixtures and decks. The process of custom sublimation affords greater flexibility in selecting design motifs.

For example, in former years, cost-effective building incorporating marble-like surfaces usually required proximity to a supplier, because of the weight of the finished product. Similarly, some wood-based products possessed restricted utility in certain locales, due to a perceived fire hazard. Today custom sublimation facilitates the application of veneers to many types of widely used building materials, offering greater flexibility. Attractive pvc wood grain exteriors allow a building to blend in naturally with a surrounding wooded landscape, for instance.

Manufacturers Offer Customized Products Also


Many household products also benefit from a creative use of pvc wood grain finishes. For example, custom sublimation allows designers to create an array of colorful surfaces for many otherwise uniform-appearing product lines. From bookshelves to chairs to table tops, the availability of attractive, easily produced powder coated finishes promises a new era of design creativity. Customers appreciate the greater range of choices in the marketplace provided by this type of breakthrough.

The technology developed by Decoral can greatly assist a manufacturing company, a construction firm, an architect or anyone engaged in regular design activities by significantly expanding the options available for obtaining lovely, customized surfaces. Make your products stand out from your competition's by learning more about this incredible new line of machinery. You will be happy your company took the time to review Decoral's versatile, affordable products!