HYDRO SUBLIMATION® Technology, ideal for 3Dimensional and welded metal parts: it combines the advantages of hydro-graphic or immersion process, an already well known powder coating process, with the durability and cost advantage of sublimation process. The big advantage of sublimation on metal is that there is NO CLEAR COAT REQUIRED with the Hydro Sublimation® process.

Hydro Sublimation Powder Coating

The Sublimation Powder Coating process has opened doors to enable customers to produce unique decorative finished products like never before.  For builders, architects and manufacturers, this sublimation coating process is a tremendously value-added service, allowing to practically change the design of any product and increase endless variety on products.

Dye sublimation on metal, the transfer of printed images to a synthetic substrate by the application of heat, has traditionally only been available for products such as t-shirts, drinking mugs, mouse pads, etc.  Recent advancements in the sublimation powder coating industry have brought new exciting possibilities anyone that wants to utilize the process of decorative coating.   Through the use of sublimation coating new opportunities allow to transform virtually any high- resolution photographic image or design into a variety of powder coated parts.  Types of dye sublimation on metal can range from steel to aluminum, or even glass or MDF.  Some examples of products that have been able to utilize this type of sublimation powder coating are:

  • Aluminum Wood Grain

  • Wood Grain On Metal

  • Custom wood grain

  • Sublimation powder coating

  • Wood grain ceiling

  • Wood Grain Patio Furniture

  • Decking Wood Grain

  • Wood Grain Railing

  • Store Fixture Wood Grain


By using a base coat, usually a light color, you can change the palette and therefore the final appearance.  The sublimation powder coating process uses a new media and a patented process to embed inks to create any kind of design into the coated material.  Since the customer has so much variety to choose from, it is crucial to be able to understand the capacity of this service and how it is to meet the customer’s goals and budgets to be able to offer competition and diversity.

Sublimation Powder Coating enables to produce uniquely exquisite products with custom finishes that are higher in quality and lower in maintenance.  One can benefit from this type of process by being able to apply any type of design or color.

The overall sublimation on metal, or custom imaging process, is significantly more expensive than the single application.  The overall durability of the image is significantly better in that it does not scratch or tarnish as easily as some of the film dip processes.