1.    Can the powder coating color be brown and at night it glows? Basically are you limited to certain colors? Can you list colors available or can we custom match a daylight color?
Yes, you can apply a brown color as a base coat (first layer) and then the clear coat glow in the dark powder. 
With a dark background though, the glowing will be less noticeable because of the low contrast.
With a white powder as first layer, the glowing would be much better.

2.    Are there various glow colors available (I saw blue and green on your website) or is that dependent on the color of the powder in the daylight?
The only colors available at the moment are yellow (the best glowing one), blue and green.

3.    Does this have similar cure times and temperatures that we are using for the dye sublimation base we currently buy?
Yes, this powder has the same curing time and temperature as the regular Decoral powder.

4.     I see that you recommend 2 layers of powder (a white layer or similar color to the tonality of the glow color) on the bottom and then the photo-emission on the top layer. Does the first layer need to be fully cured before applying the second layer or can they be cured at the same time?
The first layer has to be partially cured (50% time and temperature than regular TDS) and then the sublimation clear coat fully cured, so the 2 layers will bond together very well.

5.    Is this outdoor weather-able (UV stable)?
No, this glow in the dark powder is only for interior use, as the UV rays of the sun would destroy the photo activators inside the powder and if we charge the powder with UV inhibitors then the photo activators would not be able to recharge of UV to glow.

6.    Can this be used on nylon plastic?
Yes, these photo activators can be added on nylon. We can sell the pellets ready to be molded