VIV 801/2


Using vacuum nozzles placed on the frame, all bags are connected one by one to the vacuum system. Once the pump starts working, the film is perfectly bonded to every part of the profile, allowing precise decoration on the whole perimeter. The automatic entrance of the frame into the oven is remote controlled. The profiles stay in the oven for 3 to 6 minutes, until the decoration transfer is complete to a coating layer of 2.5 to 3 mils. The temperature probe assures that correct sublimation occurs. At the end of the production cycle, the trolley moves automatically out of the oven, the vacuum pump stops and the film bags are removedfrom the profiles completely empty of ink and color. From this moment on, the profiles are ready for processing and packing. On request the oven can be supplied with a semiautomatic crane. This was developed to increase the production of the profiles of Mod. VIV 801. With this powder coating system, the operator can prepare in advance the profiles on frames in the bagging machine area. Its use increases the speed of loading and unloading of the frames on the trolley, reducing working time. The crane serves two important functions: 1) Moving the loaded frame from the preparation position to the oven entrance; 2) Moving the loaded frame from the oven exit to the unload position. It comes equipped with automatic horizontal and vertical positioning systems, operated by remote control. The operator keeps the button depressed during the entire operation. A safety feature is that the movement stops automatically, once the button is released. This wood grain powder coating machine is able to decorate parts with a maximum dimension of 24 x 4 ft.