1.  Is this powder coating capable of being sublimated?
Yes, this powder series comes in sublimated and non-sublimated options.

2.  What is the necessary thickness of the powder to guarantee the Salt Lake texture?
The minimum thickness needed is 120 micrometers (note: final thickness after curing will be higher)

3.  At what temperature and time is the Salt Lake effect noticeable?
347°F - 365°F at around 60 seconds. 

4.  What are the advantages of the low-cure version of the Salt Lake powders?
Advantages include energy savings, more oven options for curing, and minimization of surface defects at higher   curing temperatures. 

5.  What industries would be most interested in this powder coating technology?
Decorative industries and really any industry interested in improving the look and feel of a product would be most interested.