1.     Do IR® technology powder coated finishes degrade in any way over time?
        No, the finishes do not peel or delaminate over time.

2.    How is IR® technology better than the competition?
       IR® sublimation technology is faster, easier, and less expensive than lamination
       or veneer alternatives.

3.    Is IR® technology harmful to the environment?
       No, there are no glues or VOCs used. The technology is a non fire hazard.

4.    Are IR® technology power coated finishes suitable for indoor and outdoor use?
       Yes, the finishes are suitable for both indoor and outdoor applications.

5.    What type of applications are common?
       Popular applications are 3D objects, retail fixtures, architectural applications, MDF, 
       automotive applications, furniture, metal accessories, glass, and fiberglass.

6.    Can the IR®-3D Machine decorate flat sheets also?
       Yes, it can.

7.    Can the IR®-3D Machine decorate extruded profiles?
       Yes, it can.

8.    Is the stretchable IR® film expensive?
       No, all Decoral films are very competitive in price.