1.    Is the Horizon Machine a lamination finish process?
       No.  It is not a lamination process.

2.    What is the longevity of the woodgrain and design finishes?
       The finish will last as long as the product itself.  It will match your current warranty.

3.    Is it a printing type process?
       Yes, it is a UV Ink Printing Process using soft rollers.

4.    Is the finish scratch resistant?
       The finish is very resistant to scratches.

5.    What are the different types of surfaces that the Horizon Machine work on?
       The Horizon Machine prints on PVC, Aluminum, Fiber Glass, Rubber, and Painted Wood

6.    Does the Horizon Machine use heat to process its finishes?
       No. It is a heatless decorating process.

7.    What is the speed of the machine?
       The Horizon Machine processes 30 to 60 feet per minute when decorating a finish.

8.    How much average space is needed to install the Horizon Machine into your plant? 
       1200 Sq. ft. is the average amount of space needed.

9.    What is the recommended industry to invest in the Horizon Machine?
       It is recommended for industries that manufacture products for non-walking surfaces. 
       Examples of industries are: Fencing, Railing, Windows, Indoor and Outdoor Rooftops, and Siding.

10.    Is this an expensive technology process?
         No. It is the most inexpensive woodgrain decoration technology available