1.  Can you achieve any color?
     We can achieve all but white (white to transparent not available). The color chosen will go to transparent
     and back depending on temperature.

2.  Can you have custom images/logos/lettering?
     Yes. These can be shown underneath the colored thermochromatic coating or
      be part of the colored powder itself.

3.  What temperature do colors begin to change?
      It depends on the application and can range from 41°F up to 122°F.

4.  What industries would be most interested in this technology?
     Many industries would be interested especially those focused on safety, privacy, and decoration.

5.  Is this outdoor weather-able?
     No, thermochromatic powders are recommended for indoor use only.

6.  What types of powders are available?
      Matte, glossy, and textured versions are available.