Decorative Powder Coating

Decoral powders are designed to accurately resemble marble, wood grain and countless other materials to achieve any finish you can imagine. Our sublimation equipment technologies are the preferred choice for designers and architects, offering beauty, long-term protection and durability. Decoral finishes add real value to products by providing a quality advantage that boosts a manufacturer's competitiveness.

We encourage you to browse our selection of films and finishes (colors and patterns viewer - click here) to discover how Decoral sublimation systems can take your products to the next level.

Turnkey Powder Coating Systems

Decoral System provides turn-key sublimation equipment to OEMs, extruders, and powder coating facilities throughout the world. More than 600 companies throughout the world use Decoral's patented technology to create high-resolution wood grain, granite, marble, brushed, custom logos, and other decorative finishes on powder coated layers. Our decorative finishes are used by many of the largest manufacturers in the world to decorate metals, MDF, glass, and even plastics.

Decoral can also custom build equipment to suit the specific needs of our clients (machinery gallery - click here).

About Us

Decoral System USA is the American Division of the VIV Group, based in Verona, Italy. With over 40 years of experience in research, development and manufacturing of decorative powder coating systems, Decoral is considered the global industry leader for architectural, industrial and OEM applications.  Decoral is a fully integrated company that manufactures every component in its sublimation systems. Machines, powder coatings, transfer films and inks, we do everything to enable our customers to create amazingly realistic decorations easily, consistently and economically. 

Decoral System also offers decorative coating services in North America through its extensive network of licensees (Login Here).

Through sublimation systems, we are committed to the continuous technological advancement of metal and aluminum decoration systems, seeking improvements in image definition, longevity, and durability.  Decoral offers superior technical service, training and efficient delivery of sublimation equipment for customers.



“Enrico and his team were extremely helpful and knowledgeable. I couldn’t be happier with the speed, quality, and exceptional customer service exemplified by Decoral. I’ll be back!”


“Decoral is a trusted brand in my area. We coat all of our doors and windows with their powder coating machine. They have state of art machinery to coat anything in any color and pattern as per your choice.”



The people at Decoral System are dedicated to providing the powder coating processes you need to produce products of a higher caliber. From technological innovation to quality control, our staff is driven by the emerging trends in a fast-paced industry. We have highly-trained experts working hard to continuously push the boundaries of what's possible – both in coating technology and in production innovation. The result is a range of design options that differentiate your product and help you stay ahead of market trends.